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iFactory Monitor is a new and unique way to monitor machines,
equipment and processes on the factory floor.

iFactory Monitor leverages standard Internet technology to provide a fully configurable, full-featured real-time solutions for local or remote monitoring. It is built around a web server with dynamic HTML and scripting capabilities that include direct access to digital I/O, analog I/O, and serial ports, as well as ODBC databases.It allows direct set-up, configuring and viewing of real-time data and events using a standard web browser.

Combined with an EDAS (Ethernet Data Acquisition Systems) device from Intelligent Instrumentation and a personal computer, the iFactory Monitor is a complete monitoring solution, ready for use on any Intranet/Internet.


The iFactory Monitor application software (EDAS-1033S-1) pulls together the easy-to-use browser interface with real-time monitoring to provide distributed universal access to almost any device or process. Graphical and tabular viewing of real-time data, logging, alarms and control are all built into the application. If you can surf the web, you can now track machines, equipment and processes from any computer on the Internet.

iFactory Monitor is ideal for remote, embedded and distributed monitoring requirements such as data logging, machine monitoring, equipment utilization, remote power management, security and energy management systems.



Features & Benifits

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Remote access to your plant from anywhere.

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Real-Time monitoring of your machines, equipment   and processes over Ethernet.

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Utilize Internet server/client technology

square02_darkbluegreen.gif The interface is provided through HTML pages
   and forms.

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Easy to setup and customize using HTML, Dynamic
   HTML and applets.

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Provides out-of-the-box functionality - have your
   factory on line in a few hours.

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Utilizes "push-technology" to provide real-time
   data updates to multiple clients.

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Interfaces to a wide range of MES, SCADA and other    business systems through ODBC.

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Includes applets for graphical display of data with real-time updates

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Fully customizable to handle a wide range of applications and requirements

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Password access to different levels of information.



iFactory Odering Information

Part Number



iFactory Monitor*


iFactory CE**

* iFactory Monitor is currently in Beta release. If you would like to participate/evaluate,
  please visit the
Beta Site.
** Ships as a Firm Ware in EDAS CE units.



Components of an iFactory Application

Machines, Equipment and Sensors
Your factory is constantly generating data. iFactory provides state of the art Internet technology to bring the data to your browser.

EDAS (Ethernet Data Acquisition Systems) provide the link between your equipment and the network. EDAS units provide remote access to serial, discrete IO

and Analog signals over Ethernet.

iFactory Monitor
iFactory Monitor is a WebDevice application for machine, process and equipment monitoring. HTML pages and forms guide the user through configuration and setup. iFactory requires no HTML coding or programming to bring your factory online.

     iFactory Monitor is available on two platforms:

     square02_darkbluegreen.gif Windows PC's - (95/98/Me/NT/2000)

     square02_darkbluegreen.gif EDAS CE

When loaded on a Windows PC, iFactory Monitor can read and write data to any EDAS unit over any TCP/IP capable network. One server can be interfaced to any number of remotely located EDAS units.

When run on EDAS CE unit, iFactory monitor provides a complete self-contained monitor and control system. Simply enter the EDASce units IP address into your browser URL windows and you are on-line. Or combine a PC server with EDAS CE units to build a versatile and robust distributed monitoring and control system.

WebDevice WebServer

WebDevice server is the heart of the system, providing the link to the user. WebDevice receives HTTP requests and formulates an HTML response that includes static and dynamic content. This allows for the presentation of real time data in a browser. WebDevice script language provides dynamic HTML capability for accessing factory data. It also provides server side scripting capability for the processing of data between I/O, files, databases, and clients. Users can choose to add their own HTML and scripts to fully customize iFactory and it's capabilities. The built in IDE (Integrated Development Environment) eliminates the need for authoring or programming tools.

RealTime Data Displays

Ifactory Monitor also includes applets for the real-time display of data. The applets are downloaded from the server and run as a component of an HTML page. The applets register with the server, allowing the server to provide real-time data updates. Applets include charts, meters, list boxes, and alarms.

All user interaction with iFactory is through a browser. Access to iFactory Monitor requires an HTML 4.0 compatible browser and a TCP/IP connection. Clients can connect through their local Ethernet or remotely through Intranets or the Internet.



Process Functions

To define a process the user builds a sequence of functions.

Absolute Value

Calculates the absolute value of its input


Sum up to 8 operands


Allows for setting, clearing and enabling alarms


Performs a logical AND of up to 8 operands


Appends up to 8 strings together

Bang Bang Controler

Implements a simple bang-bang control


Runs a query on a database and returns the results as a html table

Cycle Time

Calculates the time required to process a unit


Divides an operand by up to 7 other operands

Down Counter

Decrements the past output by its input


Calculates the derivative of its input


Send an email that may contain current process data


Extracts a sub string from its input string


Gets a variable from another process


Retrieves a resource from another web server


Generates a HTML or text string that may contain current process data


Conditionally executes the functions enclosed


Calculates the integral value of its input

Log to Database

Logs process variables to a database

Log to File

Logs process variables to a file


Outputs the maximum value of the input


Outputs the minimum value of the input

Moving Average

average of the past N input values


Multiplies up to 8 operands

mX/d + b

Implements the equation m*X/d + b


Performs a logical NAND of up to 8 operands


Performs a logical NOR of up to 8 operands


Performs a logical OR of up to 8 operands

Power X^Y

Calculates X raised to the Y power

Print Console

Appends up to 8 strings together and output the string to the WebDevice console


Set the value of a variable in another process


Random number generator

Read AI

Reads all the analog input channels

Read DI

Reads all the digital bits on a port

Read DataBase

Reads select fields from a database

Read Serial

Reads data from a EDAS serial port

Retain Data

Save process variables to file on each loop, and restores them the next time the process is started

Run Process

Runs another process


Allows users to extend the functions capability by writing WebDevice script


Sets the value of a process variable


Caculates SPC variables

Square X^2

Square of the input

Square Root

Square Root of the input


Subtracts up to 7 operands from the first operand

Trigger DO

Triggers digital output channels

Up Counter

Sums the input with the past output

Up / Down Time

Accumulates the up, down and total time based on its input value


Creates and initalizes a process variable

Weighted Average

Calculates an output based on a weighted value of the input and output

Write AO

Sets the analog outputs

Write DO

Sets the digital outputs

Write Serial

Writes data to a EDAS serial port




Real-Time data displays
The applets connect to the server registering for data updates. The server then sends updated data to the applets based on a periodic rate or when the data changes value.

Alarm Applet
The Alarm applet interacts with the Alarm function to visually inform a user of an alarm condition. The applet can allow the user to clear or acknowledge an alarm remotely. A clearing or acknowledge can be configured to require a valid user ID.

Chart Applet
Display multiple process variables in a strip chart.The colors and size of all the applets can specified.

Meter Applet
Displays process data variables in an analog meter.
The size and loaction of all applets can be specified to customize the page layout.

Panel Applet
A simple Panel meter display. Displays the data name and its value. Multiple Panel applets can be used to build customized tables.

Table Applet
Display process data in a table format.
Allows user to change process variables, such as set points, from the browser.




square02_darkbluegreen.gif Machine Monitoring

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Gauges, scales and instruments

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Power Utilization

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Refrigeration and heating

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Wells

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Oil rigs

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Satellite Telemetry Switching

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Manufacturing equipment

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Data Logging

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Telecommunications

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Security systems

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Terminals and barcode scanners

square02_darkbluegreen.gif PLCs and smart sensors

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Temperature and Pressure

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Weather stations

SPC control
Monitor your machines and processes, feed the data to an ODBC database, sound an alarm if the product is out of specification, get notified by email if the machine goes off line or need attention. they go hay wire.

Facilities Monitoring
Use the alarm capability to monitor simple switches or more calculated process variables, in real-time over your company network, Intranet or Internet.

Remote Well Monitoring
See what is going on at your well sites with a virtual visit. My make the drive or spend the money to send someone to the site when you can see what is happening right at your desk.



EDAS Units

 Multifunction EDAS

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 16/8 SE/Diff analog inputs

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 12 & 16-bit Resolution

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 2 analog outputs

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 16 digital IO channels

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 1 RS-232 port

 Digital EDAS

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 32 digital IO channels

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 32 250hz counters

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 2 250kHz counter

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Pulsed & Delayed outputs

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 1 RS-232 port

 Serial EDAS

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 2 or 4 RS-232 ports







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