PCI-20003M Analog Output Module



PCI-20003M 옵션 모듈 특징

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 12-bit, Dual 채널 아날로그 출력

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 1/2LSB Linearity 에러

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Voltage & Current 출력

터미널 패널 옵션

다양한 형태의 터미널 옵션을 연결하여 사용 가능

 PCI-20003M 모듈


모 델 번 호

비       고


2 채널, 12-bit, Analog Voltage Output Module


2 채널, 12-bit, Analog Voltage or Current Output Module

Signal Conditioning & Termination Panel


Euro-Style(3U), 16SE/8DIFF 채널, Analog Termination Panel


Euro-Style(3U), 8 채널, Analog Termination Panel for 5B Signal Conditioner


PCI-20003M 하드웨어 사양




Analog Output

Number of Channels





12 bits (1 part in 4,096)

Voltage Ranges


±5V, ±10V, 0 to 10V full scale

Current Ranges

PCI-20003M-4 only

4 to 20mA, 5 to 25mA




Voltage output

Current output


0.6% FSR

Linearity Error


Voltage output, maximum

Current output



Offset Voltage

0 to +50°C



No missing code

12 bits

Output Stage

Output Current


Voltage mode

Current mode


0 to 25mA

Voltage Compliance

Current mode

15V or loop supply (1)

System Throughput(2)

Analog Output


250K outputs/second

Physical Characteristics

Power Requirements(3)








Voltage out or current out with external loop power

+15V supply

-15V supply

+5V supply

50mA maximum

70mA maximum

180mA maximum

Current out with internal loop supply

+15V supply

-15V supply

+5V supply

100mA maximum

70mA maximum

180mA maximum

External Loop Power

Current output mode

+13.5 to 35V; I = 50mA maximum

Operating Temperature Range


0℃ to +70°C 

Notes: (1) When operating in the current output mode, the minimum output swing depends on the maximum output current and the external load resistance as follows: Vmin = 5.2 + ImaxRL, where Imax = 20 or 25mA and RL = Load Resistance. (2) Hardware limit only. Software may reduce speed. (3) Refer to the data sheet for the host board to determine available power.


PCI-20003M 하드웨어 사진

PCI-20003M 하드웨어


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