PA1500 Isolated Digital I/O Board



하드웨어 특징


Input Channels

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 16 Isolated Input Channels, 24V,

  Include 14 Interrupible

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Voltage Reversal Protection

square02_darkbluegreen.gif All Inputs are Filtered


Output Channels

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 16 Isolated Output Channels, 10 to 36V

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Output Current per Channel 500mA

square02_darkbluegreen.gif At Power/ON the Outputs are reset to "0"

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Self-Resetting Fuse(Electronic Fuse)

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Overtemperature & Overvoltage Protection

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 24V Power Outputs with Protection

  Diodes and Filters

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Output Capacitors Minimise

  Electromagnetic Emissions

square02_darkbluegreen.gif External 24V Supply Screened through

  a Protection Circuitry

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Interrupt Triggered through Watchdog

  or Error

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Addressing range freely configurable

  through DIP switches, 8-16 bit access





Safery Features

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Optical Isolation 1000V

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Protection against Fast Transients(Burst),

  Overvoltage, Electrostatic Discharge and

  High-Frequency EMI

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Seperate grounds for the Inputs and

  the Outputs

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Shutdown Logic when the External Supply

  Voltage Drops under 5V


지원 소프트웨어

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Standard Drivers :

  - Windows 2000/NT/98/95

  - Windows 3.11, MD-DOS

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Real Time Drivers :

  - Windows 2000/NT/98/95

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Test Program : ADDIMON

square02_darkbluegreen.gif LabVIEW 5.01

square02_darkbluegreen.gif LabWindows/CVI 5.01

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Samples programs :

  - Microsoft VC++ 5.0/Microsoft C 6.0

  - Borland C++ 5.01/Borland C 3.1

  - Visual Basic 5.0

  - Delphi 4.0

  - Turbo Pascal 7.0

square02_darkbluegreen.gif On request :

  - Diadem 6

  - Visual Basic 1.0


CE Certification

square02_darkbluegreen.gif EN 50082-2, EN 55011, EN 55022


응용 분야

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Monitoring of PC-controlled processed

square02_darkbluegreen.gif PLC connection

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Industrial Measurement

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Interface to Electromechanical Relay

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Automatic Test Equipment

square02_darkbluegreen.gif ON/OFF Monitoring of Motors, Lights ...

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Watchdog Timer

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Machine Interfacing, ...


모 델 번 호

비       고


32 Digital I/O Board, 24V, Isolated, 500mA



Screw Terminals Board, LED Status Display


Screw Terminals Board, LED Status Display, DIN-rail


3-row Screw Terminals Board for DIN-rail, LED Status Display


Relay Board for DIN-rail, Cascadable


Standard Shielded, Twisted pairs Round 케이블, 2m/5m


Same as ST010, for High Currents


Cable between PA 1500 and PX8500, Shielded Twisted pairs


Between PX8500 and PX901, 2m


Ribbon Cable for Cascading two PX8500


PA1500 하드웨어 사양



Digital Input

Number of Channels

16(Common Ground according to IEC 1131-2)

Optical Isolation


Through Optical Couplers, 1000V

from the PC to the peripheral

Interruptible Inputs

14 of the 16 Digital Input Channels

Interruptible Lines

IRQ 3, 5 for XT,  IRQ 10, ,11, 12, 14, 15 for AT

Interrupt Comparision Logic

AND & OR mode, OR priority

Normal Voltage


Input Current at 24V

6mA typ.

Logic Input Level:





U nominal : 24V

UH Max. : 30V / Current 9mA typ.

UH Min. : 17V / Current 2mA typ.

UL Max. : 14V / Current 0.6mA typ.

UL Min. : 0V / Current 0mA typ.

Signal Delay

70 ( at 24V )

Maximum Input Frequency

5 kHz ( at 24V )

Digital Output

Number of Channels

16, Optically Isolated to 1000V

Output Type

High-Side(load at ground) according IEC 1131-2

Nominal Voltage


Supply Volatge

10 to 36V, min. 5V(through front connector)

Max. Current for 16 Outputs

3A typ.

Output Current/Output

500mA typ.

Short-Circuit Current/Output

Shut-Down at 24V, RLoad<0.1



RDS ON Resistance

0.4 Max.

Switch-On Time

I out = 0.5A, Load = Resistor : 120

Switch-Off Time

I out = 0.5A, Load = Resistor: 40


170 (Output Driver)

Temperature Hysteresis

20 (Output Driver)


Shut-Down Logic



When 24V ext. supply volatge drops below 5V:

the outputs are switched off.

Diagnostic: Status bit or Interrupt to the PC


Timer Programmable, 5 to 9s

Noise Immunity

Test Level




- ESD: 4kV

- Field: 10V/m

- Burst: 4kV

- Conducted radio interferences: 10V

Physical & Environmental Conditions

Dimensions approx.

156 x 99 mm

System Bus


Space Required

Short board, 1 AT or XT slot

Operating Voltage

+5V, ±5% from the PC

Operating Voltage/Current


Front Connector

37-pin SUB-D male connector

Temperature Range

0 to 60 (with forced cooling)


PA1500 Block Diagram


PA1500 Protection Circuit


PA1500 Connector


PA1500 터미널 보드 연결도


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