Isolated RS-232/RS-485 Converter



DCP485 Isolated RS-232/RS-485 Converter

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Fully Isolated, DIN Rail Mountable

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Surge Protected & 15KV ESD Protected

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 32 Devices 까지 Multidrop Applications

square02_darkbluegreen.gif RTS, DTR or Auto RS-485 Transmitter Control

DCP485 사양 및 Data Sheet Download(PDF Format)


DCP485 사양

Baud Rate

0-115.2K bps(Baud)

Baud Rate


115.2K   57.6K   38.4K   19.2K   9.6K   4.8K   2.4K-0

    1.3      1.5       1.6       4.2     5.6     6.4    11.3

Max. Multidrop Units


Common Mode Isolation

Surge : 6000VDC(1min.),  Continuous : 1500Vrms

Differential Mode Surge

Protection(9 devices)

(DC input and RS-232 inputs and outputs)

ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1-1989(all RS-485 inputs and outputs)


Asynchronous 4-wire Duplex, 2-wire Half-Duplex, 2-wire Simplex

Channel Lines

TD(Transmit Data), RD(Receive Data)

Control Lines

RTS(Request To Send), DTR(Data Terminal Ready)

Null Modem Switch

1 (reverses RS-232 pins 2 and 3)

RS-485 Output Drive

RS-485 Input Impedance

28mA  max/output

12kΩ min/input


10 - 30VDC @150mA max.


Operation : 0 to 60℃,   Storage : 0 to 70℃

Relative Humidity

0-95% non-condensing


4.3in x 3.3in x 0.89in(109mm x 84mm x 22.5mm)


4.6 oz (130g)


>100,000 hrs


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