PA8000  Intelligent Isolated Positioning & Axis Control Board



하드웨어 특징

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Intelligent Board based on

  a 32-bit RISC Processor

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Positioning of 3 Axes either with Servo or

  Stepper Motors, Mixed operating of Servo

  and Stepper Motors possible

square02_darkbluegreen.gif For All commercially available Power


square02_darkbluegreen.gif Linear, Circular and CAD Interpolation

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Point-to-Point movements are possible

  with Independent Control of each Axis

square02_darkbluegreen.gif All Inputs and Outputs are Isolated from

  the PC Voltage Supply

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Several PA 8000 boards can be Cascaded

  to a Multi-Axis System of Max. 6 Axes


Safery Features

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 1000V Optical Isolation

소프트웨어 특징

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Function Library for Pascal and C

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Programming through a PC application

  program or at Stand Alone System

square02_darkbluegreen.gif The operating program can be easily

  Adapted to Specific Requirement

square02_darkbluegreen.gif User programs created with the Efficent

  Complier can be processed Automatically

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Multi-Task Mode

  the board can Simultaneously process

  up to 4 User programs


지원 소프트웨어

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Standard Drivers :

  - Windows NT/98/95

  - Windows 3.11, MD-DOS


CE Certification

square02_darkbluegreen.gif EN 50082-2, EN 55011, EN 55022


응용 분야

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Event Counting

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Axis Control

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Robotics

square02_darkbluegreen.gif X-Y-Z Position Control

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Stepper Motor Control

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Machine Controllers

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Research and Development


모 델 번 호

비       고


For Servo and Stepper Motors


For Stepper Motors



For one additional Axis on the PA8000


For one additional Axis on the PA8000-STE



Screw Terminal Board for DIN-rail


Shielded Round Cable, 2m, between the PA8000(-STE) and PX8000


Ribbon Cable between OPAD(-STE) and 50-pin SUB-D male Connector


PA8000 하드웨어 사양




CPU System

32-bit RISC processor 25MHz


1MB(Oprional 4MB)

Data Exchange with the PC

Through Serial High-Speed Links

Cycle Time

1.28ms for all 3 Axes(Control and Interpolation)

Word Length

32-bits with Sign

Controller Software

PIDF(PID Controller with Compensation)



2D..3D Linear, 2D Circular, 3D Asynchronous and

Synchronous Interpolation with Secondary Axes

Inputs for Incremental Encoders

Diff. or TTL, max. 5MHz(20MHz after Quadrupling)

Inputs for SSI Encoders


Up to 32-bit, Gray-/Binary Code

variable Frequency 30kHz~5MHz

Setpoint Value Outputs(Servo)

1 per channel, D/A converter, 14(16)-bit resolution, ±10V

Pulse Outputs


1 Stepper Signal(RS422) and 1 Directional Signal(RS422)

for each channel, Pulse Frequency up to 1MHz

Isolated Digital Input Channels


16 Inputs, 24V, as end or reference switch or

freely programmable

Isolated Digital Output Channels

8 Outputs, 24V/500mA, for releasing power amplifiers or

freely programmable


IRQ 3, 5, 11 and 15

Auxiliary Voltage

24V External for Digital I/O

Safety Output

Watchdog Relay


Optical IsolationD


Noise Immunity

Test Level




- ESD: 4kV

- Field: 10V/m

- Burst: 4kV

- Conducted radio interferences: 10V

Physical & Environmental Conditions

Dimensions approx.

338 x 110 mm

System Bus


Space Required



Long Board, 1 AT slot

With OPAD, one slot opening is necessary for the

connector of ribbon cable FB8000

Operating Voltage

+5V, ±5% from the PC

Front Connector

50-pin SUB-D male connector

Temperature Range

0 to 60 (with forced cooling)


PA8000 Block Diagram


PA8000 Connector


PA8000 터미널 보드 연결도


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