PA1700-2  3 or 6 Incremental Encoders Board



하드웨어 특징

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Acquisition of Incremental Encoders

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Frequency Measurement

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Pulse Width Measurement

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Connection of 3 or 6 Incremental Encoder

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Possible Configuraion

  - 3 Channels, 32-bit Counting Depth,

     Diff. or TTL on the Front Connector


  - 6 Channels, 16-bit Counting Depth,

     Diff. or TTL divided in 3 channels on the

     Front connector and 3 on the connector

     for ribbon cable

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Automatic Recognition of Direction

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Mode with Single, Double or Quadruple


square02_darkbluegreen.gif Frequency Measurement 10MHz in Direct

  Mode, 2.5MHz in Quadruple Mode

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 3 "Reference" Inputs reference Logic

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 3 "Error" Inputs for error signals, External

  Strobe Inputs

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Software or Hardware Reset

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 3 x 16-bit Timer(82C54)

  - Generation of Interrupts

  - Strobe of the counters with

     Timer-Defined Intervals

  - Programmable Reference Frequency for

     Frequency and Pulse Width Measure

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Interrupt with Timer or through External

  Strobe of the Counters

square02_darkbluegreen.gif 3 x 8 TTL I/O

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Addressing through DIP switches to any

  address in the I/O space

square02_darkbluegreen.gif AT board with 16-bit access


Safery Features

square02_darkbluegreen.gif All Inputs protected against overvoltage

  through Transil Diodes

square02_darkbluegreen.gif All Inputs with EMI or RC Filter

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Detection of line Interruption in

  Differential Mode


지원 소프트웨어

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Standard Drivers :

  - Windows 2000/NT/98/95

  - Windows 3.11, MD-DOS

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Real Time Drivers :

  - Windows 2000/NT/98/95

square02_darkbluegreen.gif LabVIEW 5.01

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Samples programs :

  - Microsoft VC++ 5.0

  - Borland C++ 5.01

  - Visual Basic 4.0/5.0

  - Delphi 1.0/4.0

square02_darkbluegreen.gif On request :

  - LabWindows/CVI 5.01


CE Certification

square02_darkbluegreen.gif EN 50082-2, EN 55011, EN 55022


응용 분야

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Event Counting

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Industrial Automation

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Frequency Measurement

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Period Measurement

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Pulse Width Measurement

square02_darkbluegreen.gif Pulse Generation

square02_darkbluegreen.gif ...


모 델 번 호

비       고


Pulse Counter Board for 3 or 6 Incremental Encoders



Screw Terminal Board for DIN-rail


Shielded Round Cable, Twisted Pairs, 2m/5m


Ribbon Cable


PA1700-2 하드웨어 사양






Acquisition of Incremental Encoders

Frequency and Pulse Width Measurement

3 Counter Channels








With 32 or 16-bit Counting Depth, Programmable

- Counting Inputs(A, B) : Differential or TTL

- Reference Inputs : Differential or TTL

- Error Inputs : TTL

- Strobe Inputs : TTL

- 5V/500mA for Sensor Supply, Short-Circuit Protection,

   Internal Fuse

- 1 Timer Output

3 Additional Channels

16-bit Counting Depth Counter Inputs(A, B) : TTL

TTL Input and Output Channels

24 TTL I/O


Timer 82C54

Differential Inputs(Compiles to EIA Standards RS422A)

Common Mode Range


Input Sensitivity


Input Hysteresis


Input Impedance


Terminal Resistor


TTL Input Channels(Counter)

Pull-up Resistor


Series Resistor


Counting Frequency


10MHz in Direct Mode

2.5MHz in SIngle, Double, Quadruple Mode

Operating Mode


Single, Double, Quadruple Resolution

Direct Mode, Frequency or Pulse Width Measurement

Interrupt Lines

IRQ 3~7, IRQ 9~12, IRQ 15


Through DIP switch to any address in the I/O Range


Over Voltage Protection

Through Transil Diodes

Input Filters

EMI and RC Filter

Detection of Line Interruption

In Differential Mode

Noise Immunity

Test Level




- ESD: 4kV

- Field: 10V/m

- Burst: 4kV

- Conducted radio interferences: 10V

Physical & Environmental Conditions

Dimensions approx.

161 x 99 mm

System Bus


Space Required

Short Board, 1 AT slot

Operating Voltage

+5V, ±5% from the PC

Current Consumption

150mA typ. ±10mA

Front Connector

37-pin SUB-D male connector

Additional Connector

2 x 26-pin male connector for Ribbon Cable

Temperature Range

0 to 60 (with forced cooling)


PA1700-2 Block Diagram


PA1700-2 Connector


PA1700-2 터미널 보드 연결도


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